Karolina Konior Karolina Konior


‘A case study of logos - pervading the universe’

May 2nd, 2017

Recently I started a new photographic project based on the connection of landscape photography and fine art nudes. It is a visual interpretation of Stoics concept of logos, being the active reason pervading and animating the universe. As Gregory Hays writes in Introduction to Marcus Aurelius’ ‘Meditations’: ‘Logos operates both in individuals and in the universe as a whole. In individuals, it is the faculty of reason. On a cosmic level, it is the rational principle that governs the organisation of the universe. In this sense, it is synonymous with “nature”, “Providence”, or “God”.’ (Marcus Aurelius Emperor of Rome, Hays and Aurelius, 2003). I am especially interested in Marcus Aurelius’ interpretation of the abstraction, as he sees logos as an order which permeates existence hence the life, both human an inanimate objects, begin with logos and return to them after death. It places naked human body, as seen during the labour, as perfect integration with nature. My intention is to place a model, which does not conform to the modern cultural norms by wearing clothes, in the landscape scene. Removing the clothes eliminates denotations of the photograph and does not provide the opportunity to identify the subject. Naked body and hidden face of the model introduces the sense of collective identity and enables the viewer to identify with the subject. I aspire to create a series of photographs which could be viewed as coexistence between a person and nature, creating complementary whole, and also relating to the ancient philosophical movement of Stoicism. I also aim to encourage the audience to familiarize with different viewpoints. 

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