Karolina Konior Karolina Konior


Is the altered photograph (manually or digitally) remains a photograph?

October 2nd, 2017

There is that one question which keeps coming back every now and then in the photographic society - is the manipulated photograph still a photograph? 

Recently I have started to work in mixed media once again. I am interested in transformation of pictured subject in terms of identity and place by use of embroidery, water and paint. 

Inspired by the body of work of Melissa Zexter I have embroidered the photographs which I made during the last two years. I did not plan the way in which I want the final object to look like but instead I allowed myself to react to the photograph on the spot. 

I have embroidered the photograph with thread as well as I have scratched the lower part of the surface with a needle to remove the ink. 

The photograph was a base for those objects but is the thread and the scratches removing the affiliation to the photography medium or adding to it thus creating a new medium?

Also, what is the difference between embroidered photograph and a photograph of a embroidered photograph? 

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